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dawson academy uk students
The Dawson Academy has the privilege of teaching dental professionals from the UK and around the globe. We greatly appreciate the testimonials they provide us at the completion of their coursework and continue to be inspired by their passion for learning and applying the concepts of complete dentistry in their daily practice.

With step by step methods to provide a systematic and complete approach for treatment planning we can undertake full mouth rehabilitation cases with confidence! Drs. Morland and Morcos

dawson academy student Dr. morcosWork colleagues and good friends Dr. Ella Morland and Dr. Mira Morcos of Clear Dentistry, 
Bishops Waltham, are almost through the basic Core Curriculum of learning at the Dawson Academy UK and share their experiences on how this advanced training has helped them tackle single tooth dentistry through to complex cases with confidence!

The learning experience at the Dawson academy is excellent. It has dramatically changed our approach to dentistry, allowing us to undertake full mouth rehabilitation cases with confidence. This knowledge has made dentistry more enjoyable and interesting, which is proving to be invaluable.

The core curriculum has enabled us understand occlusion in a way that we have not been able to before on other restorative dentistry courses. The understanding of these core concepts is applicable to every patient that we see whether just restoring a single unit or undertaking more advanced treatment.

The first course helped us to establish confidence in examination and records. Comprehensive record taking and diagnoses underpins the treatment planning phase. The Dawson methods provide a reliable way to repeatedly record centric relation. We practiced this at the hands on sessions allowing us to be able to put it straight into clinical practice with confidence.

The second course provided a step by step method to provide a systematic and complete approach for treatment planning. After taking the necessary records there is a Functional-Aesthetic Analysis and 10 Step Treatment Planning Checklist to complete for every case. This provides a framework to follow for every case so there is no opportunity to deviate off track.

During the third course all of the knowledge is brought together. At this stage you feel enlightened ready to go back to practice and start treatment planning and beginning more complex cases. There is a lot of hands on experience allowing you to become confidence at equilibration techniques and using wax to determine how you would like to reshape or move teeth.

dawson academy students We leave every course with such inspiration due to Ian’s presentation over the three days. He and his team are great fun making the courses feel very lighthearted. The learning environment is relaxed and open for discussion ensuring that no stage of the course is moved away from until every participant understands.

Overall, the courses have enabled us to provide better and more predictable care for our patients which, in turn makes dentistry more enjoyable and less stressful. We are able to present cases with much more confidence, which directly increases patient up take of treatment.

We cannot wait to complete the fourth part of the course!