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February 5, 2018

Finding the Right Orthodontist

Is your dental practice looking to bring an orthodontist on to your team? Finding the right orthodontist for your team can be a challenge. You want an orthodontist who aligns with your Dawson Academy beliefs, and who is as committed to complete dentistry as you are. Finding the right orthodontist for your practice may take time, here are some helpful hints from The Dawson Academy UK’s Clinical Director Dr. Ian Buckle on how to narrow down the applicants, and secure a well trained, like-minded orthodontist to join your dental care team. Finding The Right Orthodontist For Your Team Goal-centered orthodontics-… Click for Details

January 29, 2018

How To Find A Great Dental Lab

When starting the journey of complete dentistry there are a lot of hurdles you need to get over. One of those is finding a dental lab who shares your goals of occlusion. The word that’s been burnt into my squash by Dr. Ian Buckle is persistence. Persistence is what you need in the search for a dental lab that does not only share your goals of occlusion but also your drive for excellence in every step and the most important step is the one you’re on. For me, it has always been important to have a personal contact with my… Click for Details

January 15, 2018

How To Phase Treatment For Success

When patients require extensive restorative dental work, Dr. Ian Buckle breaks treatment down into three phases. Phasing treatment provides dentist the ability to secure the patient's biological oral stability to support advanced restorations long term. Dr. Ian Buckle, The Dawson Academy UK’s Clinical Director, recommends offering phased treatment plans to help ensure the long-term success of complex restorative cases. How To Phase Treatment for Success The first phase of complete dentistry is to stabilize the bite and restore the patient's basic oral health, ensuring everything is biologically stable. Biological stability is essential for the long-term success of restorative dentistry. The… Click for Details

January 10, 2018

Notes from Alumni Anna Karlsson, DDS

Implementation of the gained knowledge from the Core Curriculum... …takes time and a lot of effort. Pre-Dawson core curriculum I went through a series of courses where I first learned about Centric relation and started mounting models in CR and made my own splints. It was very time consuming but I learnt a lot from that and soon realized that if I involved my assistant in mounting models it would take some pressure off of my shoulders and so the long journey of implementation began. Going through the core curriculum and gaining the knowledge and skills, we have been adding… Click for Details

December 18, 2017

Giving Back For The Holidays

The team at BD Seminars in Wirral wishes all of you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! This year, instead of sending a Christmas card we are donating to two local charities that are dedicated to helping and supporting people and families in need. It is our wish to give back to our local community during the Holiday Season. We will be supporting: Wirral Ark: a shelter offering food, clothing and rest to the homeless and needy, Wirral Ark also offers opportunities for education and training to improve job skills. Sundowns: a local charitable organisation dedicated to supporting… Click for Details

December 12, 2017

The Patient Experience: New Patient Phone Call

We all know that new patients are the lifeblood of a Complete Dentistry practice. A constant influx of patients is needed just to maintain the practice. An important step in this process is the new patient phone call. Your marketing plan has worked and patients are calling. How do you make sure each caller becomes a patient? The most important first step is that you have the right person dealing with new patient calls. This call is the first impression of your practice and this means making sure that the best person is available. There should also be a contingency… Click for Details

December 6, 2017

Getting the Team On Board With Complete Care Dentistry

There is no doubt that if you want to carry out complete dentistry then there is a lot more work involved. The complete examination takes time. Sitting down with your mounted, verified models to do the treatment planning takes time. Organising the treatment workflow takes time. Delivering outstanding functional and aesthetic dentistry, paying attention to the details, takes time. You get the message? It’s going to take time to deliver the best patient care and many dentists are too busy already so adding more work to their already busy day is not sensible. That’s where your team comes in. If… Click for Details

November 27, 2017

The Importance of Treatment Planning

I have been through The Dawson Academy Treatment Planning Functional Aesthetic Excellence course on many occasions, initially as a delegate and subsequently as a mentor or teaching assistant. I am always struck by how different the Dawson approach is, compared with what the majority of us are taught about treatment planning in dental school (certainly in the U.K.). This paradigm shift has to come with an associated change in approach if we are to be successful in implementing the principles taught on the course – if the patient is a “Complete Care” or “Specialty” patient, the decisions regarding their treatment… Click for Details

November 6, 2017

European Alumni Event Wrap Up

The annual Dawson Academy Alumni Event held in Porto, Portugal was a weekend filled with reunions, professional networking, informational lectures and lots of socializing! All enjoyed the scenery, port tastings and the opportunity to meet leaders from the Dawson Academy and the field of dentistry. Among the 50 attendees was Joan Forrest, the President of the Dawson Academy. The weekend was also informative and educational with lectures on the latest applications of the Dawson Academy principles and practical business advice from Larry Guzzardo. Alumni events provide the opportunity to reconnect with colleagues from around the globe, meet new dental professionals… Click for Details

October 5, 2017

Getting a “Yes” With Less Stress

The 2017 Dawson Academy European Event in Porto, Portugal is just around the corner. We are excited to share with you one of our featured presenters, Larry Guzzardo. Larry Guzzardo is a dental consultant who works with dental practices to help them get their patients to say "yes" in a pressure-free environment. Larry Guzzardo invites you to join The Dawson Academy European Event in Porto Portugal October 20 & 21. Larry Guzzardo will be presenting, Winning Patient Acceptance of Comprehensive Dentistry: Getting a Yes With Less Stress. Larry Guzzardo will discuss how to support open lines of communication with your… Click for Details

September 28, 2017

Upcoming Free Webinar: Occlusal Principles for Esthetics and Everyday Dentistry

Dr. Ian Buckle, the Senior Faculty Member & Director of Dawson Academy UK, will be presenting a free online webinar discussing the importance of a thorough occlusal exam and how it serves as the foundation upon which to build your patient care for the best results. Complete Dentistry, the cornerstone of the Dawson Academy teaching principles, focuses on the comprehensive evaluation of all aspects of occlusion. Using these tools, dentists like Dr. Buckle can provide patients with dentistry that addresses both form and function; health and beauty. BD Seminars, home to the Dawson Academy UK, offers a full range of… Click for Details

August 23, 2017

Take The First Step: Functional Occlusion Seminar 1 in Stockholm

Ready to take your dental practice to the next level? The Dawson Academy offers dental professionals the opportunity to improve both the patient experience and your satisfaction as a practicing dentist through the implementation of Complete Dentistry. Founded in the concepts of both aesthetics and function, the concepts of Complete Dentistry provide a framework for the comprehensive evaluation and treatment of patients and resolution for complex problems. The first step in our series of continuing education lectures and courses is Seminar 1: Functional Occlusion from TMJ to Smile Design. This course begins to lay the foundation for enhancing all aspects… Click for Details

August 3, 2017

Welcome Back Felicity!

A familiar face has returned to the offices of the Dawson Academy UK at BD Seminars. Felicity Johnson has returned from maternity leave and is excited to be back with our team, helping to move our business forward as Sally's "right hand" woman. Felicity will be serving as the Business Development Manager, using her strong interpersonal skills and organisational capabilities to keep us on track. BD Seminars continues to grow and expand, striving to offer both current students and our growing number of international alumni quality courses and events that allow for all to meet and mingle. Felicity is looking… Click for Details

July 11, 2017

Join Us In Portugal: Dawson Academy European Alumni Event 2017

The Dawson Academy will host the annual European Alumni Event in Portugal this year. Join us for 2 days of informative lectures and courses presented in a beautiful setting where attendees will have the opportunity to meet leading dental professionals and like minded colleagues from around the globe. Refreshments will be available throughout the day and presenting instructors, including Dr. Ian Buckle and Dr. Alberto Berthet, will be on hand for questions and discussion. Larry Guzzardo will also speak at this event, offering practical dental practice advice on how to integrate the Dawson principles into your office from both a… Click for Details

July 7, 2017

Alumni Testimonials: Hear What Our Students Are Saying

The Dawson Academy has the privilege of teaching dental professionals from the UK and around the globe. We greatly appreciate the testimonials they provide us at the completion of their coursework and continue to be inspired by their passion for learning and applying the concepts of complete dentistry in their daily practice. With step by step methods to provide a systematic and complete approach for treatment planning we can undertake full mouth rehabilitation cases with confidence! Drs. Morland and Morcos Work colleagues and good friends Dr. Ella Morland and Dr. Mira Morcos of Clear Dentistry, 
Bishops Waltham, are almost through the… Click for Details

June 22, 2017

BD Seminars at Stars 17: Located at Stand 75

Dr. Buckle will be joined by Dawson Academy's Clinical Director Dr. John Cranham at tomorrow's Stars of Dentistry 17 in London. Along with other internationally recognized leaders in the field of dentistry, they will welcome dental professionals to a full day of lectures, demonstrations and socializing at the Novotel Hammersmith. Dr. Buckle is the Director of the Dawson Academy UK which is located adjacent to his private practice in the Liverpool area. BD Seminars offers the Dawson Core Curriculum and elective courses, often taught by distinguished alumni and mentors of the Dawson Academy. Look for BD Seminars at Stand 75… Click for Details

June 13, 2017

Summer Events and Special Offers with BD Seminars

Summer is upon us and BD Seminars is heating up with new courses, events and special offers for dental professionals. Now is the perfect time to earn CPD credits while advancing your practical skills and knowledge as a dentist. Our distinguished alumni have enjoyed a renewed passion for addressing the complex concerns of patients using the Dawson Academy concepts of complete dentistry. Led by Dr. Ian Buckle, BD Seminars in Wirral is home to the Dawson Academy UK, offering a full range of courses and advanced hands on training for dentists in all stages in their careers. Meet Dr. Buckle… Click for Details

June 7, 2017

Stars of Dentistry 17: Dr. Buckle Reflects On His Personal Journey in Dentistry

Dr. Buckle, the Director of the Dawson Academy UK, will make an encore at the Stars of Dentistry 17, taking place in London on 23rd June, 2017. This annual event draws some of the leading experts in dentistry from around the globe. Dr. Buckle will be joined by Dr. John Cranham, Dr. John Kois, Dr. Newton Fahl, and many others at this annual event for dental professionals that offers an expo of exhibitors and the opportunity to earn up to 7.5 hours of CPD. Building A Career with Complete Dentistry With over 30 years of experience both practicing and teaching… Click for Details

May 22, 2017

Practical Advice for Dental Practitioners

Dr. Ian Buckle will join Larry Guzzardo in Cornwall next month to offer a presentation followed by Q & A on the important factors in building a well run, efficient practice. Topics covered with include phone skills, front office organisation and how to develop a well run business so that you can focus on patients and results. Communication, case management and handling the business aspect of your patient care can often play an important role in the retention of patients. Diagnose, Communicate, Treat These are the main goals for your growing dental practise. Dr. Buckle will discuss the key components… Click for Details

May 15, 2017

Dr. Buckle Speaking at Carisbrooke Event

Dr. Ian Buckle, the Dawson Academy UK Clinical Director and a practicing dentist serving the Liverpool area, will speak this week at the Carisbrooke Specialist Dental Centre in Leicester. On Saturday, 20th May, Dr. Buckle will lead a full day of learning for dental professionals, speaking on the incorporation of digital technology into the principles of complete dentistry, as taught by the Core Curriculum of the Dawson Academy. Participants will learn how to use digital diagnostics to fully evaluate occlusion and to more accurately plan treatment for improved results. Dr. Buckle offers his first hand knowledge and patient testimony on… Click for Details

May 3, 2017

Early Bird Pricing Special for November Advanced Course

BD Seminars, home to the Dawson Academy UK, is offering an Advanced Course from 2-4 November, 2017: Advanced TMD Patients: Diagnosis and Treatment. To be led by some of our distinguished alumni, this course will provide a more in depth approach to incorporating a systematic approach to examination and records. Dr. Buckle will be joined by Dr. Andrew Cobb and Dr. Gary Warburton for the lectures and hands on sessions. Advanced and elective courses provide the opportunity for students of the Core Curriculum to expand their ability to implement the Dawson principles when addressing complex TMD in a patient. Participants… Click for Details

April 27, 2017

Dr. Buckle to Speak at Henry Schein Digital Symposium 5 May, 2017.

Dr. Ian Buckle, Senior Faculty Member and Director of the Dawson Academy UK, will be a featured speaker next week at the Henry Schein Digital Symposium. The 6th annual Digital Symposium will take place in London May 5-6 and will feature leading professionals in the field of dentistry who will lecture on the use of advanced digital technologies in restorative care. logies, including CEREC and Trios, will be discussed as well as strategies for improving your dental practice through the efficient utilization of digital technology. Dr. Buckle will speak on "Digital Workflow", offering practical information and advice on addressing common… Click for Details

April 26, 2017

ADI Belfast Study Club Welcomes Dr. Buckle 18 May, 2017

The Association of Dental Implantology (ADI) has served the dental profession and patients by providing a platform for discussing the latest news regarding implant dentistry and how it can benefit dental health. The ADI Belfast Study Club will host Dr. Ian Buckle of the Dawson Academy UK on the 18th May, 2017 for a lecture on the Implant Occlusion Connection. Dr. Buckle will offer attendees the opportunity to learn about how the Dawson Academy principles of occlusion can be effectively implemented through implant dentistry for restoration of lost teeth and a functional bite. After refreshments and a chance to meet… Click for Details

March 27, 2017

Alumni Spotlight: Dr. Fernando Peyrallo

Dr. Fernando Peyrallo is a Dawson Academy Alumni and member of Dr. Ian Buckle's dental team at Buckle Advanced Dental Care in Wirral. Following a recommendation, Dr. Peyrallo participated in the Core Curriculum in 2015, soon after qualifying as a dentist in Madrid Spain. With coursework led by Dr. Buckle and Dr. Feito, he embraced the comprehensive approach to patient care offered by the concepts of complete dentistry. The Core Curriculum also provides a foundation for organizing patient records for improved analysis and dentistry: "I learned how to take good records of a patient and how to be organized and… Click for Details

March 9, 2017

SAVE 20% On Dawson Academy Registration

Start Your Dawson Journey : SAVE 20% Are you ready to take the next step towards more predictable, profitable dentistry? Dr. Ian Buckle and the Dawson Academy UK can help take your practice to the next level with BD Seminars. We are now offering a 20% discount off Examination & Records registration. From now until Friday 31 March 2017 save 20% off registration. Join us, and begin your Dawson Journey. Dr. Ian Buckle: A Dawson Academy UK Dentist Cosmetic dentist Dr. Ian Buckle is a senior faculty member and director of Dawson Academy, UK. Dr. Buckle can help you develop… Click for Details

February 27, 2017

From Student to Teacher: Dawson Alumni Return to Teach in March

Dr. Anna Karlsson and Dr. Robin Pettersson recently our attended our Alumni event in October 2016 in Spain. Currently practising in the Old Town of Stockholm, Sweden, this husband and wife alumni team will return to BD Seminars and the Dawson Academy UK on March 23 to serve as our support team for Examination & Records. Enthusiastic students of the Core Curriculum, Drs. Karlsson and Pettersson have incorporated the principles learned through their studies into their private practise. They feel they now offer offer better dentistry that is rewarding for both dentist and patient. In a recent article on Dentistry.co.uk,… Click for Details

February 17, 2017

Dr. Nimesh Patel: An Alumni Testimonial

Dr. Nimesh Patel, Dawson Academy UK Ambassador and past delegate, returned with his dental team in Nov 2016 for Exams and 3 days of Treatment Planning at BD Seminars in Wirral, home of the Dawson Academy UK. I started my journey with the Ian and his team about 5 years ago. I cannot recommend the courses highly enough to any dentist wishing to improve what they do on a daily basis, for me it has been the best career investment I have made. It’s transformed the level of care I provide to my patients as well as the overall satisfaction… Click for Details

January 27, 2017

Build A Better Practice: The Power of Listening

Being an effective dentist often relies on being a good communicator. And we all know that communication is a "two way street", but can sometimes forget to take the time to listen to what a patient is really trying to say. In our daily rush to get things done and move on to the next patient, we often diminish the value of listening to our patients and being fully present in our conversation with them. The value of being a good listener can translate into long lasting relationships with patients that are built upon trust. Taking the extra few minutes… Click for Details

January 20, 2017

Alumni Spotlight: Dr. Philip Teggart

Philip Teggart, BDS, B.M.Sc. is a Dawson Academy Alum, having completed the Core Curriculum offered at BD Seminars. A recent Q and A with him offers his feedback on the value of what he learned and how he applies it to his daily practise as a dentist in Lurgan, County Armagh at Robert Street Dental Surgery. Click here for the full article. Tell us about yourself and your dental history I qualified BDS with Commendation in 2000 from the University of Dundee in 2001, having already gained a First Class Honours BMSc intercalated Degree in 1997. After completing my vocational… Click for Details

January 5, 2017

Thanks For Giving: Mission Christmas 2016 A Huge Success

Dr. Buckle and the associates, staff and patients of Buckle Advanced Dental Care and BD Seminars in Wirral helped to make Mission Christmas 2016 a successful event. This year 30,388 local area children were the happy recipients of Christmas gifts donated and distributed through Mission Christmas/Cash for Kids, sponsored by our own Radio City. Radio City's charity Cash for Kids is focused on helping disabled and disadvantaged children living in poverty in our own backyards. Mission Christmas aims to give as many of these kids as possible something to smile about on Christmas Day- a gift! For many, it may… Click for Details