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At The Dawson Academy UK, we place a high value on the role of the Assistants and Hygienists in the process of Complete Dentistry. To that end, we have put together courses to ensure that team members are trained and up to date with everything that their ‘Complete Dentist’ is practicing.

Courses for Dental Team Members

If you have any questions on specific aspects of each course, or for a customized curriculum, please email or call +44(0)151 342 0410.

Upcoming Dental Team Member Courses

The Complete Care Dental Assistant

2 Day Lecture and Hands On

Venue & dates:
May 12, 2016 & May 13, 2016 @ The Dawson Academy, Wirral. Cost: £350 + vat (£420)

Course Description
This seminar is a must for Dental Team members who want to have the tools necessary to help assist their doctors to reach the highest level. While doctors learn the essentials of Functional Aesthetic Excellence, the team can experience equal growth during this special program allowing the whole team to return to their Practice ready to face the challenges ahead with enthusiasm.

Learning Objectives
Intensive 2 day programme strictly limited to 20 Team members

  • Advanced smile design principles resulting in patients who rave about their beautiful new smiles
  • The Concept of Complete Dentistry
  • Overview of the masticatory system
  • Role of occlusion in predictable & stable health
  • Assistant’s role in the complete care practice & exam
  • Records: impressions, facebows and photography
  • Understanding the articulator
  • Mounting upper and lower casts in CR
  • Verifying the mountings
  • Chairside techniques

Class Hours:

Class: 8:30am – 5:00pm

All Inclusive course package includes:

  • Personal interaction with the Instructor and Teaching Assistant
  • Meeting other like-minded professionals
  • Ability to discuss techniques and issues relevant to your practice

Accommodation: This is not included within the package more information

Instructor: Miss Rebecca Herbert, RDN

Tuition Fees: TBC

CPD Credits: 8

Recommended Prerequisite: None

Target Audience: Dental Assistants, Dental hygienists, all team members

For full venue details and to enrol, please contact us on +44 (0)151 342 0410, email or make an enquiry.