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Ready to take your dental practice to the next level?

The Dawson Academy offers dental professionals the opportunity to improve both the patient experience and your satisfaction as a practicing dentist through the implementation of Complete Dentistry. Founded in the concepts of both aesthetics and function, the concepts of Complete Dentistry provide a framework for the comprehensive evaluation and treatment of patients and resolution for complex problems.

The first step in our series of continuing education lectures and courses is Seminar 1: Functional Occlusion from TMJ to Smile Design. This course begins to lay the foundation for enhancing all aspects of your dentistry through the incorporation of the important factors in stable occlusion. Seminar 1 is being offered in Stockholm, Sweden on the 8th and 9th of September, 2017. Led by Dr. Ian Buckle and Dr. John Cranham, this two day event can provide the opportunity to meet like minded professionals from around the globe as well as internationally recognized leaders in the field of dentistry.

Really enjoyed the whole set up. Both presentation + running of the course. Like the idea of encouraging social networking + have never eaten so well on a course before
Nick Allday, Manor Dental Health

dr. buckle and dr. cranham of dawson academy

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