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Dawson Academy UK alumni Dr. Karlsson, DDS
Implementation of the gained knowledge from the Core Curriculum…

…takes time and a lot of effort. Pre-Dawson core curriculum I went through a series of courses where I first learned about Centric relation and started mounting models in CR and made my own splints. It was very time consuming but I learnt a lot from that and soon realized that if I involved my assistant in mounting models it would take some pressure off of my shoulders and so the long journey of implementation began.

Going through the core curriculum and gaining the knowledge and skills, we have been adding on photography and face bow registrations. It would have been easy to just copy someone else’s system. Still, looking back I’m starting to think that you have to go through each process of implementation yourself. Maybe making mistakes and having struggles is part of the process, or maybe that’s just me.

Luckily for me, my staff have been tremendously positive along my Dawson journey. They have been willing to learn to mount models and do the photography and face bow and we are still improving day by day. It really helps a lot and is so valuable to have my staff on board to help me so that I can focus on treatment planning and deliver the kind of dental care performed with the excellence that I’m always aiming for.

Once those parts are in shape, my recent focus has been scheduling treatment planning time in an already busy schedule. Also getting an orthodontist involved has been a tremendous struggle for us. Scheduling is difficult but I’m getting there and thanks to the Dawson/FACE network, a FACE-orthodontist is coming to Stockholm from the UK to see if we can get him to be a part of our team.

Rome wasn’t built in a day – sometimes I get frustrated that each step takes time to implement, but once you’ve done it and gotten over the hurdle then it’s just as rewarding as treating a patient back to the health that everyone deserves.

DDS Anna Karlsson

About Dr. Karlsson

Dr. Anna Karlsson graduated from the Karolinska Institute, Stockholm Sweden in 2006. She currently runs a private practice in the Old Town of Stockholm with the focus on aesthetic dentistry, functional occlusion and TMJ problems.

“Ever since I started working I have had a special interest in bruxism and TMJ problems. I awoke with the knowledge of Centric relation in 2013 at a course in Sweden and ever since then sought for more knowledge in function and occlusion. My journey with the Dawson Academy and the Core Curriculum started in Florida, USA in February 2015 and finished with the last module out of seven in September 2016 in the Wirral, UK. During fall 2016 I started a Dawson Study club in Stockholm where I am the Study Club leader.”