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Dawson Academy alumni Dr. Robin Pettersson
When starting the journey of complete dentistry there are a lot of hurdles you need to get over. One of those is finding a dental lab who shares your goals of occlusion.

The word that’s been burnt into my squash by Dr. Ian Buckle is persistence. Persistence is what you need in the search for a dental lab that does not only share your goals of occlusion but also your drive for excellence in every step and the most important step is the one you’re on.

For me, it has always been important to have a personal contact with my lab technician in order to have a more direct and open communication. Fortunately, my lab was open to evolving to a more complete approach to dentistry. This has, as everything else when it comes to implementation, taken a tremendous amount of time but I think one way to get a great dental lab is to make your current working lab evolve with you on this journey.

The best way to do this is to make them go through the courses, let them know what you know and evolve together from there.

But remember in this time of digital dentistry you could work with any lab in the world so don’t settle for something that’s not up to your standard of care.

Remember; be persistent in your search for excellence!

Best regards and good luck!

DDS Robin Pettersson

About Dr. Pettersson

Dr. Pettersson graduated from the Karolinska Institute, Stockholm Sweden in 2006. He currently runs a private practice in the central part of Stockholm with the focus on implantology, oral surgery and complete dentistry.

“I have completed the Core curriculum with the Dawson Academy, in Florida, US and the Wirral, UK through Feb 2015 to Sept 2016. The complete dentistry and functional approach in dentistry taught by the Dawson Academy have really changed my everyday work tremendously. I am not only a better dentist but also a happier person. To go back to the Dawson Academy UK as an Ambassador is a great privilege for me.”