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Is your dental practice looking to bring an orthodontist on to your team?

Finding the right orthodontist for your team can be a challenge. You want an orthodontist who aligns with your Dawson Academy beliefs, and who is as committed to complete dentistry as you are. Finding the right orthodontist for your practice may take time, here are some helpful hints from The Dawson Academy UK’s Clinical Director Dr. Ian Buckle on how to narrow down the applicants, and secure a well trained, like-minded orthodontist to join your dental care team.

Finding The Right Orthodontist For Your Team

Goal-centered orthodontics- Goal centered orthodontists understand the goals and commitment Dawson dentists make to their patients. Be sure your candidates know you are looking for a goal-centered orthodontist.
Be honest and upfront- Do not hold back or skirt around what you want. Be sure to include your dental practice philosophy and exactly what you are looking for in an orthodontist in your advert. This may shrink your applicant pool, but we think you will find that those who are left are higher quality candidates.
Team player- You want an orthodontist who wants to work on your team with the same goals as you. Finding a team player will improve your patient’s experience, and strengthen your dental practice.