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Dr. David Bretton

Dr. Bretton shares his experience studying with Dr. Ian Buckle and the Dawson Academy.

‘I graduated from Newcastle University in 2013. I completed my foundation training and then worked in a mixed NHS/private general practice from 2014 to 2017. In 2017 I was a winner in the category ‘Best Young Dentist’ at both the Dentistry and Private Dentistry Awards. In January 2018 I moved to full private practice. I am a regional representative and committee member for the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (BACD) and on the honorary editorial board for DentalTownUK. I am also currently completing my Masters degree in endodontology – an area which I have also been one of the winners of multiple awards – the Pitt-Ford Undergraduate Prize in 2013 and the Harley Street Young Endodontist Award in 2016.

I chose to study at the Dawson Academy because it is a world-renowned institution – known for the high quality teaching that it delivers. I initially started by reading the Dawson textbook – Functional Occlusion. I wanted to build on this knowledge with a combination of lectures and hands on. I was also keen to spend time with, and learn from, one of the UK’s leading clinicians, Dr. Ian Buckle.

I have learnt a great amount from the course. Most importantly I have learnt a reproducible way to approach every case – no matter how simple or complex. Thorough planning and a systematic approach ensures that nothing is missed. My practise has evolved greatly. I have moved from a reactive dentist who spends his time fixing problems to a proactive dentist who is able to assess the entire masticatory system. The Dawson approach has allowed me to treat cases and manage situations that I otherwise would probably not have fully understood.

I would highly recommend the Dawson Academy for the amazing teaching and the ongoing support and mentorship you will receive from Dr Buckle and the family of Dawson dentists. I promise that this course will change your mindset and outlook. You will be inspired and will evolve as a clinician. Your dentistry will work and it will be predictable. This will allow you to enjoy your dentistry and reduce your stress levels – you will be happier and so will your patients.’